Luigino Rossi; entrepreneur also known internationally for his successes in the world of the most elegant women's luxury footwear as well as for his editorial initiatives.


Luigino's collection has a remarkable importance above all thanks to his personal relationship with the artists he met through his friendship with Carlo Cardazzo and his collaboration with Peggy Guggenheim. Cardazzo, owner of the Cavallino art gallery, which eventually went on to shape the Venetian art scene alongside Peggy Guggenheim. Luigino drew immense inspiration as a young collector from his relationship with both.


The collection includes works by post-war artists of European avant-garde artistic movements such as Zero, American Pop artists and a selection of influential Venetian artists from the 1920s to the 1990s.

The pieces in this collection have been hosted by famous museums and galleries around the world such as Whitney, Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Today the Luigino Rossi contemporary art collection is a real private museum made up of over 260 paintings by about 200 artists from all over the world.


Located in a venue of great historical value and architectural refinement, Palazzo Curti Valmarana, 17th century, in the unforgettable scenario of the Grand Canal, the "Collection of Contemporary Art Luigino Rossi" therefore joins, with different objectives and ambitions, the gesture of love towards Venice is the Venetian land of another great collector, Peggy Guggenheim.