Who We Are


We are a young Venetian non-profit organization that was established in the wake of 2019 Acqua Granda ( tidal flooding). We decided to do our part for our beloved city by combining our expertise and  enthusiasm to share it in order to offer exclusive services and experiences with a local touch.


As a non-profit we utilize our donations to create a platform for the management of private art collections and for the promotion of emerging artists straight out of the Accademia delle Belli Arti (Venice Fine arts Academy est. 1750).

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What We Do

Our intent is to incentivize exchange between our members by creating a welcoming and candid context.

Our services:

  • We curate your stay in Venice around your desires and needs. We offer from the most humble local experiences eating in tavernas to fine dining in private palazzo’s in Canal Grande

  • We give access to private places and offer tour visits to discover exclusive private art collections

  • We manage and market private art collections

  • We widen exposure of emerging promising artists

Thanks to your participation we can offer:

  • SUPPORT to young artist

  • ORGANISE  unique experiences for our members

  • CREATE a welcoming place for those whom are passionate and curious about art

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Our Values and Mission 

Floating art aims to promote the exchange of ideas, sharing of thoughts, and foster genuine dialogue in all places and environments that have incubated art and culture.


We set out to build our non-profit around our members and to make art more accessible, enjoyable but most importantly more relatable while encouraging valuable social interaction in a digital age among interested groups.